WordPress Security without Plugins

Most of the people think their website was safe only because he does not have any content that is worth a crack. Unfortunately, this is not true. Websites are often hacked, for example for the distribution of spam, or the core and themes files filled with malicious code to infect and hack the computers. Sometime free plugins is a security risk for WordPress website. In this case you only notice the damage, when Google, Yahoo, or Yandex already marked your site or remove it from the index. Don’t let this happen, just look at my 30 tips for a perfect WordPress Security without Plugins. Read More…

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WordPress SEO without Plugins

Your business success will depends on the success of your website. Are you sure that your website running right way?  Optimization of sites depends on many factors. Our experts are engaged in search engine optimization since 2004, in 3 languages, and for 15 years we have achieved great results. In most cases, we develop sites “from scratch”. Optimization processing of sites depends on many factors. We do not undertake all the projects, as they prefer quality, not quantity. Our main objective – is to create a site that technical content will unique with organic SEO ranking. Read More…

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